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What to consider when buying a home amid rising mortgage rates

Many economists say mortgage rates will continue to trend upward this year and peak around 5 percent at most, which is still below average. Mortgage rates averaged consistently above 10 percent every year between 1979 and 1990 and then eased down to a range from 6 to 8 percent between 1992 and 1998, ……..Read More


Sonoma County home sales decline 10 percent in August as market slows

Buyers and sellers seem to think Sonoma County home prices finally have peaked, after doubling the past seven years. Sellers are putting more homes on the market this year, thinking prices won’t get better anytime soon, real estate agents and brokers said Monday. The new listings have…….Read More



Luxury Liftoff? The 10 Ritzy Regions Where Home Prices Are Soaring the Highest

In this era of intense partisanship and division, we can be grateful for the common denominators that bond us as Americans. Our national aversion to spiders, clowns, and trust falls. Our adoration of heroes, entrepreneurs, and puppies wearing Christmas hats. And, perhaps  …….Read More



Mortgage rates move lower for just the second time this year

Mortgage rates dipped for the second time in three weeks as investors began selling off stocks and buying bonds. According to the latest data released Thursday by Freddie Mac, the 30-year fixed-rate average slipped to 4.44 percent with an …….Read More



Another record price for Sonoma County homes

Sonoma County home prices rose to a new high in February, when a shortage of homes exacerbated by the October wildfires forced buyers to routinely outbid the asking price. The median sales price for a single-family home climbed to a record $689,000 in February, according to The Press Democrat’s monthly …….Read More



How to Determine Your House Payment: The Quick Formula

When you’re shopping for a house and considering a mortgage loan, establishing what you can afford for house payments can be a lengthy process. You have to run calculations, get updated payment scenarios from your mortgage company, …….Read More



Sonoma County Home Sales Jump 10 Percent to $3.97 Billion

Fueled by a rush for housing after wildfires burned thousands of homes, a record amount of money changed hands in the Sonoma County real estate market at the end of 2017. In the final two months of the year, buyers purchased nearly $738 million in houses and condominiums in Sonoma County, …….Read More


10 Stupendous Sonoma County homes under $500,000

Wow, almost overnight a number of affordable homes have sprung up under $500 thousand in Sonoma County. Centered mostly in Santa Rosa, the properties vary greatly from tiny two bedroom bungalows to spacious four bedroom family homes.First time home-buyers, this one’s for you. These beautiful homes are perfect for those on a budget…….Read More


Get Smart on Down Payments

Picking the right house is just one of the big decisions you’ll face when buying property. Deciding on the down payment is another. Low inventory in some national markets continues to pressure potential buyers into making bigger down payments to gain a competitive edge. But the …….Read More


Brand spanking new: 5 recently built Sonoma County homes

New Year’s Day is a time of resolutions and forecasts. On our wish list for 2018 – the construction of more residences. From condominiums, to townhouses, to single-family homes- we need them all. With approximately 11,469 homes damaged and 5,130 lost in last October’s wildfires, many displaced……Read More


More Interest Rate Hikes To Come In 2018?

As expected, the Federal Reserve has decided to raise interest rates by another quarter point. Now what? A closer look at the details reveals a great deal about the likelihood of more rate hikes in 2018—and… Read More


3 ways to mess up a home mortgage closing

Want a lender to delay or even cancel your mortgage closing? Then change your “borrower circumstances” between the day you apply for and the day you close a home loan…. Read More



One of the first things you’ll hear when you start considering homeownership is that you’ll need a hefty chunk of change upfront. Most financial planners recommend putting down a 20% down payment. On the current national median home price…. Read More

Few people like to uproot their family and go through the stresses of home buying and moving during the holidays, but for those who do not mind, the holiday season may provide home buying bargains. Here are a few of the reasons why…. Read More

HUD offers disaster relief to California wildfire victims 

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Thursday it will offer relief to disaster victims of the recent California wildfires. As of Wednesday, wildfires. … Read more

Home Improvement Loans: How to Find Quick Cash to Renovate Your House

Home improvement loans sound pretty sweet: Imagine, someone actually gives you money to fix up your house! And these loans are actually plentiful if you know where to look. Here are some options to explore, and how to tell whether they’re right for you…. Read more

‘For Sale by Owner’ Horror Stories That Reveal All That Can Go Wrong

If you’re looking to rake in megaprofits when you sell your home, it might be tempting to try to sell your house yourself. After all, by doing For Sale by Owner, you can avoid paying a real estate agent’s …Read more


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